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it's all good

it's all good
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  • C-18763205
  • Aysha Alkharat & Aysha Alkharat & Mohammed Al Mukawar
Goodness is wonderful, its effect is amazing, and its consequences are astonishing, so whoever... mehr
Produktinformationen "it's all good"

Goodness is wonderful, its effect is amazing, and its consequences are astonishing, so whoever spends and exerts himself for good, the good increases for him, multiplies, and what decreases. Whoever monopolizes goodness for himself, and withholds his virtue from people despite his ability, goodness diminishes in his view, and it may disappear from him. The good that the writer Muhammad al-Mukwar talked about is the same good that you know, and everyone knows it, but from other angles. In the book (It is all good), the writer touches on real-life stories about goodness and its people, as in the story (He was succeeded by his family), which tells about a resident Arab man, who worked as an accountant with a simple salary, God blessed his livelihood, so he used to spend from his limited income on his daughters Young girls, his wife, and his widowed mother-in-law who takes care of him. And he would not forget the poor of his family in his town, and would help them with what he did Can. And in the prime of his youth and before he reached the age of forty, God willed that roll his page, and move to his mercy, leaving behind a widow, and five Young orphans, the oldest of whom is thirteen years old, and the youngest At the age of three. But God made subservient to his wife, and his daughters, those who bear their burdens after his death, and relieve them of the burdens of life. And this - and God knows best - is the result of sincere intention in doing good, and despite the fact that what he used to spend with goodness, given the size of his monthly income, is not much, but the giving of your Lord, the Righteous, the Merciful, the Most Merciful, the Most Generous, is limitless. And whoever fears for his offspring after him, let him do a righteous deed that will benefit people in his life, and entrust them with the protection of God, for this is the guarantee, preservation, and safety, as the writer Muhammad al-Mukwar says.

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