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Sea shells

Sea shells
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  • C-18690689
  • Ward Ismaeel & Fatima Abdel Rahman & Ward Ismaeel
Days pass, years pass, and every day is a gift from the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime, we... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sea shells"

Days pass, years pass, and every day is a gift from the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime, we learn from him. After a deep thought, the writer decided to collect these texts in one book, some of them from her personal experiences, as she says, and some of them from the stories of loved ones, and some of the courses and books she read. The book is the writer's first experience, and what prompted her to choose this title is her love for the sea and all that it contains. Every time she goes to it, she sees shells scattered among the folds of the grains of sand, so she collects them, and every time she sees large numbers, with different types and shapes. The seashells that we see lying on the seashore, we feel that they do not end no matter how much we collect them, the sea brings them to us on its shore, and he still has a lot in his bag, and they are similar to these texts that she wrote, no matter how much we write and learn, there are details in life that we do not know, so learning It does not stop at a certain age, or a certain time, for science continues, and whoever thinks he knows everything is ignorant or on the edge of ignorance, knowledge is a vast sea, so no matter how much we drink from it, we will not be satisfied, and whatever we take from it, we find ourselves wanting more. In the introduction to the book, the author says: Dear Reader: Here are these shells I have collected, and I hope that by chance you will find a valuable pearl that will be of use to make you a passionate person, a lover and a seeker of knowledge, and these shells will motivate you as much as they were mine. Set a goal, find what interests you in this life, enjoy it, and learn yes learning something new every day.

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