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Pen's phantom

Pen's phantom
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  • C-18690496
  • Sumaya AlSulaihi & Ward Ismaeel & Ward Ismaeel
The writer Somaya Al-Sulaihi dedicated her book to (Those Bare Souls Who Fill With Life and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Pen's phantom"

The writer Somaya Al-Sulaihi dedicated her book to (Those Bare Souls Who Fill With Life and Conceal Many Dreams and Wishes). In one of the articles, the writer says: The flowers wither when the storm intensifies and their leaves fall when the strong winds, so their perfume spoils with the harsh weather, but it remains a kitten despite its withering, as well as my city was destroyed by the storm of war and drained its strength and the fall of its children, the hands of falsehood persisted, he did not call anything beautiful in it except They destroyed it, after they forgot and grew up on its lands and drank from its water and ate from its bounties, so how could they abandon it, it was cruel to it with the blackness of their actions, and it disappeared from all of them little by little, and its luster faded, but it still maintains its splendor, it is the flower of cities. And in another article entitled My City, the writer says: O You who sat on the throne of my heart and lived in my heart. Your love flows blood in my veins and settles in my heart. I carry your identity in my blood, I belong to you with my heart and soul, I adore dust, your soil, my beautiful, my eyes miss you the more I look at you, for your beauty plays melodies, for your splendor writes poems, tongues are unable to express, and words for description, and the ink of my pen dries ashamed for its failure to fulfill your right .

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